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Love Letters

By A R Gurney

Directed by Jane Sherwood

Featuring Jarrod Buttery and Meredith Hunter

The play moves from the 1930s to the 1980s as Melissa and Andy read the letters they have written to each other over the course of a life time. The script has not been altered, but many of the letters are presented as
postcards, representing 40+ years of correspondence between two
friends. The intimacy of such a friendship, over so many years, is not
lost on anyone.

Act 1 ~ 50 minutes
Act 2 ~40 minutes

The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband

by Debbie Isitt

Directed by Jane Sherwood

Featuring Meredith Hunter, Jarrod Buttery and Phoebe Deklerk

Kenneth finds himself in the arms of Laura after 20 years of marriage to the culinary-talented Hilary. The only trouble is, Laura can’t cook and soon Kenneth is mourning the loss of Sunday roasts, haute cuisine and the comforts of a settled life. When Hilary invites Kenneth and Laura over for dinner together, he readily accept - unaware of what delicacies Hilary has on the menu!

A deliciously dark comedy that gives the old adage “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” an entirely new meaning.

One act of 90 minutes


by Norm Foster

Directed by Jane Sherwood

Featuring Phoebe Deklerk, Meredith Hunter and Jarrod Buttery

When Iris inherits her husband’s Lunenburg house, she discovers much more than she expected.

A story of love and friendship with a touch of lust!

Act 1 - 50 minutes

Act 2 - 40 minutes

Arty Facts

by Trevor Todd

Directed by Jane Sherwood

Featuring Meredith Hunter, Jarrod Buttery and Rach M

The subjects of 10 artworks let you know their feelings on the artwork, the artist and other things on their minds!

You’ll never look at the masterpiece the same way again.

55 minutes

The Waiting Room

By Fiona Blakeley

Directed by Jane Sherwood

Featuring Jarrod Buttery, Phoebe Deklerk and Meredith Hunter

Three lost souls are waiting hear what their next incarnation will be.

10 minutes


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